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HackPrague is a premier annual hackathon in Prague (CZ) bringing developers and designers from across Europe together to build their ideas. 

This year we've decided to go with one main challenge: "Use available data to improve the quality of life in cities”.

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Participants: Individuals (both students and professionals), Teams (max 4 members / team) 


How to enter

Registration for HackPrague 2019 is already closed. In case you would like to sign up, please contact team@hackprague.com.


Minh Tri Pham

Minh Tri Pham

Judging Criteria

  • Usefulness
    Does it actually improve the quality of life in cities?
  • Technical Difficulty
    Was it hard to make?
  • Creativity of solution
    Is it novel?
  • Relevance
    Does it fit the theme Smart Cities?
  • Polish
    Was it presented nicely?
  • Functionality
    Does the team have a functional prototype? Does the app work and how many functions of the app are implemented.